Friday, January 21, 2011

January fun

Max got to go sledding for the first time at a friends house.  He liked it okay till he tipped the sled over and did a face plant right into the snow.  Then I couldn't get him to get back into the sled.  He did enjoy pulling the sled around behind him though. 

Its Friday so that means only 9 weeks to go till my c-section.  I am so ready to not be pregnant anymore.  I am really interested to see how Max will handle being a big brother.  They say to keep the older sibling involved in the babies care and Max  is very helpful by nature so hopefully things will go okay.  We got Max a baby brother doll for Christmas and for some reason when we dance to the radio he gets his doll and hands it too me to dance with.  He also likes to strip the doll naked which is something he wont be allowed to do with Sam.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Confessions of a pregnant woman

My maternity clothes from my first pregnancy don't fit.  Here I thought I was being all frugal by saving my clothes from my first kid and the darn things don't fit.  To add insult to injury I was getting ready for a wedding and realized right before we had to leave that my dress pants were not gonna work.  I had to wear jeans to a very nice wedding.  And yes, I was the only one wearing jeans.

I was reading an article years ago about how something like 40% of women 30 and over have some sort of bladder issue, incontinence its called.  I was thinking that's weird I don't ever have that problem.  Then I got pregnant with Max.  I sneezed while at work and was like holy crap why didn't anybody tell me about that preggie symptom?  From then on I sneezed with my legs crossed but it wasn't too bad.  Now with my second its a whole new game, and that game is called "How many time can I sneeze a day without peeing"  Its a one person competition and you get bonus points for crossing your legs and covering your mouth at the same time.

When it was just my self, and I was sick it was no big deal.  Lay in bed, call in to work, eat soup and crackers all day.  When Max came along that changed a bid. but if it was only him that was sick it isn't  so bad, I play doctor mom and we catch up on some T.V.  When we are both sick though , there is no laying in bed, if I want crackers I have to share them and I can't call in sick because I don't know who to call into.  There isn't like a stay at home mom hotline for when you are sick or anything.   Its even more fun now that I'm pregnant again.  I want to sleep, Max coughs himself awake at 4 am and we try not to kill each other for the rest of the day.