Sunday, August 14, 2011

Oh Crap!

Or maybe I should call it potty training 101.  I have been looking forward to this time for will about a year.  I have had potty chairs scattered around the house and M and M's all around.  I had cute underware with characters that Max liked but what I didn't have was a kid who cared about going potty in the potty. 

I had on occasion tried to potty train Max.  Putting him on the potty every so often and then getting frustrated when he would sit on the potty and then pee while he was washing his hands.  Then I got pregnant and I couldn't deal with that sort of mess on the floor, made me want to vomit.  So the training waited.

So last Sunday on my way out of church another mom asked me what was going on and I said my son was naked at home and I wanted to go home and get the potty report, she laughed and said that's what they were doing too.  I got home to find the kid in a diaper and a dad that had given up on the idea for the day.  Fine.

Last Monday though I got serious!  The second his little diapered butt hit the last step to the living room I removed the diaper brought the potty chair in the living room and told him if he wanted to watch his Mickey Mouse video he needed to try and potty first.  Sat down and peed the first try.  Yeah for you.  Diaper again during nap, take it off and then had to go tend to Sam.  Came down stairs and he had peed in the potty all by himself with out having to be reminded, I was so proud and so was he.

So fast forward to Sunday and we are doing pretty well.  He pees and poops in the potty  pretty regularly.  However, I still mostly let him be naked only because we are at such an early stage I'm afraid he would sit down on the potty with his under ware on and piddle.

Apparently this task is multi step process.  We were at the I have to pee and there is the potty what a coincidence.  Now we are at the I have to pee where is the potty stage.  We still have to get through the pull your pants down to potty, potty before you leave and finally potty standing up.

Why did I share all this?  Because I could never find any positive info on this subject online.  All I found was "help I have a 4 year old who won't train" or "help my kid won't poop on the potty"  Never a site that gave info what worked for them.  So I hope this helps someone.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Busy week

One week ago today I had the bright idea of taking both the boys to the doctor because they both needed shots and I thought I would save myself a trip.  They started with Max, I told them about his issues with peanuts and they gave me a epi pen.  Max dropped a chair on his toe and was a wreck for the next 30 mins.  meanwhile the doctor is looking at Sam with great concern.  I told her about how he had been to the eye doctor and how he has Optic Nerve Coloboma, a hole between the eye and optic nerve that may dissrupt how much info the brain receives,.  She continued to look over Sam all the while Max is in a heap on the floor cause his toe hurts.  Long story short she refers us to a geneticist and neurologist for Sam and an allergist for Max.  You see Optic Nerve Coloboma is associated with a rare genetic disease called CHARGE syndrome and the doctor thought Sammy might have it.  So I am trying to digest this info and the nurse comes in to show me how to use an epi pen and to give the boys their shots.  Fun for all involved let me tell you.

Phone rings that afternoon and its neurology wanting us to come in in the morning.  So we pack a bag in case its a long visit to the hospital and arrive at 9:30am at Mott hospital.  After a full day of echo cardiograms, kidney ultra sounds and blood work not to mention our initial neuro visit I and Sam were spent.  But the good news is Sam's kidney's and heart are normal.  Both organ systems can be affected by this syndrome.  

Now we wait for our MRI at the end of the month and further appts in early 2012 with genetics and optomology.  Their is so much we don't know at this time.  We don't know how well he can see, if he will have any developmental delay or anything else.  I do know that after the initial shock wore off I realized that I love my sweet little Sammy and all this other "stuff" wasn't going to affect that.  He has the nicest smile.

Even though so much of what went on this week has been scary I feel blessed, blessed that this should not effect his life expectancy and blessed that we got to go home from the hospital on Thursday because many of the kids we saw that day have to stay because they are so sick.