Wednesday, December 29, 2010

O Tannenbaum

Max loves Christmas trees.  This one is actually at his Grandparents house.  Every time we went to somebody's house this year he was excited that they also had a Christmas tree, even better if the light were on already.  We took our tree down today because we needed the space for his new toys and he was so disappointed.  Poor guy just kept saying owwwww, and he most certainly wasn't interested in helping with the project.  Our tree has some issues, if you have ever had a fake tree you know the branches are color coded.  Their have to be hundreds of colors out there and the first 3 rows of our tree are blue, a little darker blue and turquoise.  The other four rows are all very different colors but every year we get a laugh out of our tree with the 3 blue rows.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Max's way not mine.

One of the things I have had to learn as Max's mom is that my way isn't necessarily the right way, the only way, or more importantly Max's way.  For example I would not have chosen to put ketchup on my grapes today at dinner, the ketchup was for the tator tots, but Max tried and who am I to tell him its gross and or wrong.  He will either A figure it out or B find the next big taste sensation.  He also likes to eat his toast with a fork sometimes, not wrong really but maybe a little weird. 

I have also noticed his preferences aren't the same as mine either.  When given the choice between Sheriff Woody and Buzz he chooses Buzz while I chose Woody.  Now this is important because I had to learn that I have to let him pick what he wants not what I want.  We were at my Aunt and Uncles Chirstmas party the other night and Max got what I thought was a really scary bionic man toy from Santa and was way above his age group.  I traded an older boy that "scary toy" for a caterpiller webkins stuffed toy.   Twenty minutes later the caterpilliar is on the floor and Max is chasing his cousin around the table with the scary bionic man. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mr. Max

My son is one of the coolest people I know.  His out look on life is so interesting to me, things that my 33 year old mind over looks he notices.  Like when you put a numbers puzzle together, as an adult you put all the numbers right where they belong, but at a toddler you are confused because when you invert the 2 it could maybe be a 5.  I never really thought about the fact that o,0 and a circle are all really similar I mean I know they are but if you ask Max they are all o.  I don't know at what age this changes but its fun to watch.  Another thing is being excited every night because the street lights turned on.  Also a family favorite, spotting every airplane that goes by without fail.  And then there was the elevator experience yesterday.  Max's doctor is on the second floor so we take the elevator.  We have not been to the doctor for a few months but he needed his flu shot.  We got to the elevator and I could tell he remembered what was on the other side of the elevator.  He was very hesitant to go in.  Then after we got his shot we walked back to the elevator where in he told me under no uncertain terms that he would not be getting on the elevator.  I guess in his mind all elevators lead to the doctors office where he gets poked.  We took the stairs. 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Domestic Goddess

I was doing a tax return for a family one day and I looked at the women and said "what do you do for a living?"  "Domestic Goddess" she replied.  I sent their tax return to the IRS with that as her job title and have used it as my own title ever since.  I like being a stay at home mom.  I really am blessed that we can manage on one income, now this means sometimes we have to be super cheap but we manage.  I take pride in being cheap, its like you are competing with your self to see how little you can spend at the grocery store while still getting yummy stuff.   Money aside though, ninety nine percent of the time I love being at home with my kid, soon to be kids.  That's not to say I don't want to get a job when Max is older, I do.  Being at home all day by my self would get old at some point, it doesn't happen much now but that's what I'm assuming.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

First blog post ever

So I have read and enjoyed several friends blogs, mostly moms with kid up dates and the like and have decided I want to have one too.  A place where I can talk about all the cute things Max did today with out making my Facebook friends ill because presumably if you read this you wanted to know how many times he told me the street lights were on.  So I am pretty excited about starting this "new hobby" already I have learned things.  Before today I didn't know what blog even stood for, now I know it is a shortened version of the word web log.  Have a good night

The Bowers Family