Friday, April 26, 2013


Sometimes I think I am a pretty cool mom.  Not often, but sometimes.  Today was a cool mom day.  There is a show on PBS called Curious George.  We watch it A LOT.  There is an episode where Curious George wants Canoli and cannot get it for various reasons that involve a cat and a chef and a scientist. 

Well the other day Max asks if we can have cannoli.  I asked why he would want some and he responded with "It's on Curious George and its yummy"  I told him I had never had a cannoli either but maybe one day we would try one.

So fast forward to today, I got to the local butcher/bakery and I see they sell cannoli and they are like a buck a piece.  Ohhh cool mom moment, and of course I have to tell the baker why I want them, probably thought I was nuts but who cares.

So I come home with a box of Cannoli and tell Max I have a big surprise.  I open the box and he eagerly eats a cannoli and then asks me what the surprise is.

Monday, April 22, 2013


That is actually a post from another blog I read
if you want to check it out.

Once again today I am reminded of how thankful we are.  Today I am thankful that Max is finally finally learning to express himself though language.  He has always been a late talker, had early intervention services and the like to get him to use his words.  The problem is he just barley passes something called an articulation screener so he no longer qualifies for any language services.

Who knew talking wasn't a given thing?  Who knew we needed to be thankful for the ability to fluently communicate.

To give you an idea on Max's lack of communication, his two year old brother has better pronunciation of certain words then Max does.  Sam can say his L's correctly and Max still says L's as if its a Y. 

Today we are on our way home from Preschool and I ask Max if they played out side for recess, "Yes mom."  Then I ask what they had for snack "Apple sauce and graham crackers" he says.  Now this is already more than I usually get out of him.  Every day up till now when I ask what he had for snack he would say "I don't know."  So I am already pretty happy about the conversation and then he goes on to say "Also I was the snack helper"  Wow did my son just volunteer information, holy cow I was very excited and thankful that he his FINALLY talking.

I was driving home from the hospital with Sam the other day and I was doing 80 in the passing lane and some person decided that was way to slow and swerved around us and gave us the bird in the process.  A younger me would have been pissed off but now I kind of feel sorry for that kind of person.  They don't realize they should be happy to be alive and able to drive.  Its a strange thought to think, gosh I'm kinda glad some things have happened to us, I'd hate not to appreciate what we do have.  Cause what I was doing on right near the Barton Drive exit was praying for the Mama's that have babies at Mott's that day and being grateful that we only had an appointment not an over night stay. 

Monday, April 15, 2013


Isn't this just the cutest picture of my little boy before we go skiing?
And doesn't Sam look cute too?

It turns out not so much. 

Let me start at the beginning.  Their is a group in Mt Pleasant Mi called the Deaf Blind society.  Since Sam is legally Deaf Blind, although not really deaf or blind just duel sensory loss, he qualifies for services.  So every year they have a free ski weekend at Challenge mountain which is an adaptive ski resort.  I was so looking forward to this since I had never been skiing before.

So we loaded up the mini van and headed north.  It was a four hour trip for us and the kids were pretty good but ready to get out of the car for sure.  Once we got there we were supposed to have a welcome buffet.  Well the kids were so done sitting still they ran around the tables like little wild monkeys. 

We took them up to our hotel room and got ready to go swimming.  That part went okay but the water was cold so we didn't stay too long.

 The next day we were all ready to go the second the ski resort opened.  Max and I got our skis and thats when it started to hit the fan.  You see in order to ski you have to wear a helmet.  Sam didn't want to.  Also you have to wear goggles.  Sam really didn't want to do that. 
So Sam is super pissed off from the get go and they put him in this seat that is behind a snowmobile and they take him up the hill and then a guy skis behind him on the way down.  It looked cool and fun, Sam hated it.

Now while all of that was going on Max and I were trying to ski down the bunny hill.  I got to go down twice and it was fun and I like it.  Max however didn't understand/didn't want to follow direction such as what to do with your feet so he had two volunteers help him down the bunny hill and then he was done.  Bummer

So we went to find Jeremy and Sam and they were sitting inside and I start telling Jeremy about skiing and didn't realize that Sam was asleep I woke him up he was crying it was a mess. 
So its like 10:30am now, and the kids are done with what we had driven 4 hours and stayed in a hotel for.  So we load up the kids, grab some Wendy's and head back to the hotel.  Sam takes a nap after lunch and Max and I go back to the pool again. 

We decided that 1. the kids were to young for this and 2. While it was a bad trip it was not in fact grounds for divorce.
I almost forgot, Sam pushed the emergency help button on the elevator.  Also exciting.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


The other day Sam's pre school had a field trip to a local pool so I took both the boys.  While we had a good time I was reminded how upset Max gets if he can't touch the ground in the pool.  When they tell you a panicked person in the water can drowned you they arn't kidding.  Max nearly scales my body in an attempt to sit on my head the second the water gets over waist height.  So I decided we needed some lessons.

So we signed up both boys for swim lessons and they started today.  I was a little concerned by the fact that they started in the deep end since he hates not touching the ground.

Here he is crying in the corner
Thankfully he isn't the only kid terrified.  I thought it was really interesting their were 3 groups of kids.  The confident water lovers, the we don't love this but we will do it group, and the get me out of here group.  He did do the kicking like they wanted but only from the side.
They bribed him back in the water with a pool noodle.
And then their was Sam.  He loved his swim lesson.  He loved every min of it.
They tied a pool noodle to the kids and let them paddle around.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Sam

We celebrated Sam's Birthday a couple weekends ago.  We had it where Max goes to pre school.  Community Ed had purchased 3 bounce houses and for a fee you can rent them along with the gym for a couple hours. 

We had several people cancel at the last min and I was considering cancelling since we were only going to have 6 kids and 3 bounce houses but then I thought Sam will have fun no matter who comes so lets do it any way.  In the end we all a great time. 

Every party we have has few people but its so much easier to host the small ones.  By the time the kids are 10 we may just do cake at home :)

 Hey this place has Cheetos

 Food Table

 Mom spends too much time on Pintrest

 Notice the Mickey sippy cup?  I wanted the kids to have something to drink so I got juice boxes with out thinking that Mr.Sam can't have them due to his unsafe swallow.  Opps sorry buddy.  He loves his Mickey cup though.
 I chose this picture because think this really shows what stairs look like to Sam.  Especially on the left side of the picture it really does look like a flat surface.
 More Cheetos please
 Grandpa Bruce!
 Sam's friend Briedish.  Sam loves her they hold hands now its cute
 Aunt Rachel helping down the stairs
 Carolyn and Norah, my friend Cathy's kids. 
 Cool baseball air thing
I had this momentary feeling when we first got to the bounce house.  That OMG what was I thinking bringing Sam here, what if he can't enjoy himself and its his party.  His balance is bad, he can't see that well and has low muscle tone.  Then he ran around for 2 hours and had a great time. 
Yes we invited Max too

Alicia came and helped also

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Vet a visit

One of my friends from high school reminded me that today was something called vet a visit at MSU.  Basically its and animal oriented free family fun day complete with a teddy bear fix it shop.  I was excited, this sounded like something the kids would enjoy so this morning we were all ready to go. 

Then is started to snow a little bit.  Sam gets super cold super fast and I remembered this being an out door event so I thought Maybe Sam and Jerf should stay home and Max and I could go.  So we hop in the car and drive out to MSU and find that we are so not the only people that are there.  Oh well, we get in line to have Max's Mickey Mouse stitched up.

Then we walked around and Max is getting bored and annoyed with how much waiting in line there is and just kinda wants to split so we walk to the Dairy store and the boy is happy again.  We walk back to the car and I am trying to figure out how to salvage the day.  We drove all the way out here we need to do something more cool that pet a guinea pig. 

I decide Preuss Animal House might be a good idea.  It was.  I got to see some co-workers from many many years ago and they recognized me right away.  Crazy how some people never change.  I had forgotten how cool of a store it was.  It had a stream with fish you could feed right in the store.  Max loved it.

I got home and I was telling Jeremy about our day and I was thinking, this really wasn't like what I remembered from this event.  There were no ducks, or chickens.  The I realized I was thinking it was Small Animals Day, not Vet a Visit.  Silly Heather.  Wonder how many animal events MSU has?  It ain't called cow college for nothing.

Friday, April 5, 2013


Brace your selves for 2 posts in 2 days.  Can you believe it?

So Mr.Sammy turned 2 years old on the 25th and we had a little party.  During this party he got $30 in cash.  Now I like it when the kids get money for their Birthday because it means we get to go shopping.  Doesn't matter if we are shopping for me or not I like to do it. 

So we decided that today is the day we are going to go to Target and spend Sam's $30.  We get to the toy asile and Max is already asking if he is going to get something too.  I told him maybe something little becuase I feel like getting Sam a nice toy and Max nothing is kinda mean.  So the first thing we see is a Lightning McQueen truck, Mack I think is his name.  He has a little McQueen inside and Mack says like 50 things and the trailer opens up. 

They both want it.  I'm thinking this is so not worth $30 lets keep going.  So we wander around and we see ball bats and balls.  Sam wants a plastic baseball bat and ball, cool.  Max says they have pink, get a pink one.  Now Sam wants a pink bat.  Great, I really wouldn't care except that I HATE the color pink, hate it.  One of the things I was worried about before I had the boys was what I would dress my girl in should I have one cause I mean it ain't gonna be anything pink colored for sure.

So we put a pink bat and balls in the cart.  Then we find some non spill bubble container, looks like a good idea.  Then we find some sand shovels.  So we have about spend his wad when Max mentions the Lightning McQueen truck again.  I had to explain we can't get it all, its either the baseball and bubble stuff or the truck. 

They want the truck.  Fine lets get it and get the heck out of here boys.
Lets hope they play with it for more than 5 mins.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Strange adaptations

It has been brought to my attention that I have not posted here since like December.  Sorry bout that, I'll try and do better blah blah blah :)  The truth is I have thought of things to post, I think of posting them on Facebook, then I think they are too long for Facebook and I should post it to my blog.  Then it gets to be bed time and I don't care any more.

One thing I have been thinking about lately is Special needs adaptations we do at home on our own.  Either because of expense, or out of necessity.  So here is my top 5  list of home made special needs things made or done on our own

#5 Using a bungie cord to strap him into his brothers tricycle so he wont fall out because a real adaptive one would be like $1000

#4 Make sure he eats on plates that are a different color than his food is so he can see it better.  Example, corn and mac n cheese on a blue plate.

#3 Yelling step every time Sam gets anywhere near a curb  or stair or really anything he can fall down or trip over.  He has no depth perception at all and is fear less, its a tough combo.

#2 Taping socks to the sharp points of anything that has a sharp corner for him to fall on.  We don't want stitches again buddy.

#1 Making our own Xanthum gum.  When we found out he has an unsafe swallow we bought pre mixed xanthum gum from the store at $34 a container.  We went through it in a week.  We researched on line and found we could buy the powder on line and mix it our selves at home for $12 ever couple months.