Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nothing is ever perfect, if it was we wouldn't need sarcasm

I was reading CNN today, a habit I should probably break, and I saw an article about not being perfect parents and it really spoke to me.  The article was all about how people on Facebook and other venues brag about how well their child sleeps through the night, or the perfect vacation they just went on, or how Sophie just got into the perfect preschool that will surly get her into Harvard when she grows up.  Thing is to one degree or another we all have friends who do this. 

Now I love to hear about my friends kids and how they are doing but some days what I really need is an honest mom who says "my kid just kicked the cat for the last time, I am shipping them both to China to cool off".  Be honest, its great to show off your new babies pictures but its also comforting for the rest of us to hear "and fyi that cute little outfit she is wearing only lasted 15 mins before she simultaneously puked and pooped in it".  And we all think "yeah, been there done that"  to ourselves.  It is because of this that I have posted less on Facebook and a bit more on my blog.

Besides, how interesting would it be to post "Lord give me strength not to strangle, scream, or swear."  And how many people would reply "now Heather, that's not nice"  or "now Heather, he's only 2"  Then I'd be even more annoyed.

So for now just a brief look into how our day has been.  Had to drop off the car again to be repaired, had to also take Max.  Max is mad because he gets in the car seat at home, gets out at home.  Max is mad because dad then goes to work.  Max is mad because I want him to finish his breakfest from this morning and he wants something from the pantry .  Max is also tired.  There fore Max has a 25 min screaming fit for any of the above reasons.  While he is having this fit he is also trying to hand me toys which is cute yet even more confusing to me.  I started to eat the eggs he didn't want to eat and well that was a bad plan too.  All I can think is in 10 days i'm going to be out numbered and even more tired. Insert previous comment about the Lord giving me strength here..  

It's not perfect, some times not pretty, but its what we here like to call a Tuesday.  Perhaps later we will get out the finger paint.