Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pink Cape!

So, before Christmas my mother brought over some sort of a toy magazine for Max to browse in search of a Christmas present.  He flips to the back and finds 2 children wearing capes.  A boy with a blue on and a girl with a pink one.  He is very excited about these capes.  Especially excited about the pink one.  My mom gets all "come one Max,"  "pink is for girls."  And Max decides the pink one is all he wants and wants nothing at all to do with the thought of having a blue cape.  I look at the price..$19.95, for kids cape?   Not this year, I had already gotten all his gifts any way. 

Later that week a friend of mine called and said she would be in town for the week and was their any project I would like to do?  First thing I thought of was the pink cape, he had been carrying that magazine around for a week and the only page left was the one with the pink cape.  Jessy said "sure, we can make a cape."

I went to Jo Ann Fabrics later that week and bought the pink, purple, and silver material and velcro.  Spent $16 on a cape I didn't want to spend $19.95 on, oh well.

Jessy came over and we made the cape.  I have to say it came out pretty well but you be the judge.  Max loves it.

 from behind

and then he noticed I wanted to take his picture.