Sunday, April 10, 2011


Posted all about our new baby....Realized I didn't include a single picture. 

 My son Max seems to really enjoy his brother.

My first thought when I saw him was "he looks like a naked mole rat!"  Now I have a degree in Zoology and I say it with love. 
 Going home outfit.  If Sam look big to you its because he is.  8lbs 11oz.
 Max being attentive
Sam with is dad

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Welcome Sam Bowers!

On Friday March 25th we had our second son Samuel Wayne Bowers.  He weighed 8lb 11oz and was 20 inches long.  When we went to the hospital to have our scheduled c-section my doctor had not informed the hospital of the date and time so when we arrived at 8am on Friday nobody knew why we were there.  The really nice thing was that even though we "didn't have an appointment" since the operating room wasn't booked they allowed us to be fit into the schedule and 4 hours later we had our son.

The OB nurses are really very nice and I know they have a hard job to do.  Pregnant women can be very very cranky.  However, this buisness of having my and Sam's vitals checked in the middle of the night is kinda lame.  If they must do that can they at least do us both at the same time?  I was so tired after spending 2 nights at the hospital I asked to go home early.  The best part about the hospital stay though is that you don't have to cook.  When you get hungry you just have to call a phone number and they bring you food.  I guess when you are staying in a room that costs thousands of dollars a day the least they can do is feed you. 

I can't help but continually compare and contrast Sam and Max in my mind.  The way they both have very long fingers and were born with a full head of black hair.  That Sam figured out breast feeding right away and after a week of trying to latch on with Max we gave up an pumped for 9 monthes.  I assume this is normal. 

I also can't believe how much harder it was to have one baby than two.  With our first it was like all we could do to keep up with what he needed and the house was always a mess.  I feel so much for efficient with the 2 kids.  Today we took care of the baby, did our taxes, the dishes, and vacuumed the floor.