Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What I want for Christmas

So a little while ago I came across a blog that talked about 4 catergories of gifts for their children.  The catergories were: something to wear, something to read, some thing they want and something they need.  I thought this was a great idea and something I wanted to try this year.  So I got the boys each a present from each catergorie.  

Then a little while later I was in Home depot and I started thinking about how it would be nice for the boys to start getting some tools so when they leave the house they have good set.  So I decided I would get them both a tool box this year and then each birthday/Christmas get them a tool for the box.  I was going to get them only the box this year but it turns out if you bought the box and an accessory you got it wrapped for free.  Bonus.

So at this point I have all the kids presents labeled and wrapped and ready for under the tree.   Then we go see Santa today.  Max sits on his lap and begins to clap his hands in excitement.  I want a big Thomas because I lost mine he said, and my brother wants Curious George.  2 thoughts cross my mind here, first is when did you ever lose a Thomas toy and second, crap now I'm not done Christmas shopping.  

I don't know what big Thomas he was talking about but I found him some cool Thomas the Train bed sheets and blanket set, don't worry he likes that stuff, and a cool Thomas flash light that talks.   If he mentions something about a big Thomas I'm going to have to tell him sorry Santa didn't have room in the bag.