Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mile Stones

So everyone who have kids knows what a developmental mile stone is.  Whether it be walking, eating solid foods or talking.  Each child is expected to reach these goals in some acceptable time frame.  Now I don't know how we decided which milestones were worthy of note but we all know we looked at our kids and that calender and made sure they were meeting their goals.  And if our kid was a little slower than the kid down the street at say talking, maybe we brought it up to the doctor at our next visit. 

All of these above miles stones and several others are things we all take or took for granted.  Sure my kid will be able to roll over, sure he will walk, sure she will crawl.  Well the truth is all these milestones don't have to happen.  There is no law or rule that says your kid is going to do all of these things at any given time or perhaps ever.  Its okay even.

When your child is born we all bring it to breast or give it a bottle within the first hour of life.  What if I was to tell you that some kids fail this mile stone.  As it turns out Sam failed it we just didn't know it at the time.  It turns out the ability to swallow is a major deal and not every one can do it.  There are cool tests called swallow studies and they have the kid drink barium to see if they can keep it out of their lungs.  Sam couldn't keep it out of his lungs so he had HAD being the important part, an unsafe swallow.

So everything he drank had to be thickened with xanthum gum so that is was heavier and he could control it better and swallow safely.  We have a huge tub of the stuff in our fridge and tons of little travel packets in ever pocket and purse so we can thicken his drinks. 

Not only did we have to worry about drinking but when he was smaller we had to thicken his Tylenol and really get on his brother if he splashed in the bathtub to much cause he would aspirate that too. W e had a swallow study not to long ago that he sort of passed but not really.  They said be careful and have him drink slowly.  And we were.  We started letting him drink out of a straw with less or no thickener becuase the flow is more controlled with a straw.  We started using less Xanthum gum in his drinks so it would be thinner for him.

Well for the last couple of days I have not been using any Xanthum gum at all and his lungs sound great!   My kid can finally swallow thin liquids :)   Its just one more amazing bodily feat that I didn't know to be thankful for.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

Last night my dad called me on the phone to ask if we wanted to go swimming at his brothers pool.  I asked the kids and I got a YES!  This morning we were all excited to go to the pool.  I went to the store early so we could be ready to go on time.  As I was on my way to the store I noticed they were setting up for the Memorial Day Parade, which I had forgotten about.  Oh well I thought, we are going swimming this afternoon so it's all good.

A few miles further from the parade and the phone rings.  Its my dad saying there is a change in plans and long story short we aren't going to the pool today.  This will teach me to tell my kids something fun is going to happen later.  I just felt so bad, like I had ruined the day which of course I hadn't but anyway.  I noticed that its only like 10am so maybe I can swing home and fetch the kids and still make the parade since we can't go swimming.  So I call Jeremy and tell him to take Max to the bathroom and grab some jackets cause we are going to the parade.  I pull up to the house, fetch the kids and away we go.  We arrive in down town at about 10:15 just to see people getting up and leaving the parade.  CRAP!

So I turn the car around I drive home.  On the way we see a garage sale.  We are a big garage sale family so I new this would perk the kids up since we missed the parade, I had yet to mention we aren't going swimming either.  So we are looking around at the garage sale and all of the sudden I hear Max say "i'm peeing".  I say why? and he says I don't know.  Then I get the giggles, really bad.  Did all that stuff really just happen and now my kid is peeing in some random persons garage?  Really?  Jeremy got in trouble for this one really since I said "make sure he pees before the parade"

So we go home and get new pants for Max and head for the grocery store to shop as a family.  You give the kids a free chocolate cookie, a banana and check out the fish dept and they forget the rest of the day even happened I guess.

We got home had lunch and realized both creatures needed naps so we got that out of the way and then had the task of figuring out what to do for the rest of the day.  The weather is crappy so nothing outside, no indoor play places were open either.  We decided on bowling.  First I had to have the "can Sammy do this thought"  but I couldn't think of a reason why he couldn't at least try to bowl so we went ahead with our plans.

As you can see they have this ramp that you aim where you want to ball to go therefore letting younger kids try bowling.  Max has done this a handful of times and really likes it.  This was Sam's first attempt at bowling and as you can see he beat his brother by a pin.

We came home had dinner and made banana bread.  They loved it.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Day Out With Thomas

We were awesome parents this last weekend at took the kids to A Day Out With Thomas.   Its an event were the kids get to do various Thomas related activities and actually ride on Thomas.   It was at Greenfield Village this year which is only about a 45 min drive from our house.  

We decided to take a picnic lunch since I was starting The South Beach Diet and I didn't want to cheat.  I was worried the kids wouldn't want to sit and eat right after we got there but we all sat in the shade and had a good lunch before the fun began.

This is the front on Thomas.  He is huge.

 Whats a Thomas event with out lots of train tables.

 We had some sharing issues here, but it was a cool set up

Lego Thomas

 They had a gift shop obviously  and I was happy to buy the boys some sort of suvineer.  They had these great big Mylar Thomas balloons that the boys were very excited about.  Only problem was they were $10 each for a balloon.  I know they were cool and all but $20 for 2 balloons not gonna happen kids.  We settled on some cool Thomas shades.
 A nice lady took our picture while we rode the train.
You could go to the train after your ride and get your picture taken.  Sam couldn't take his eyes off Thomas, it was very cute.
 The hundred year old carousel

And Sir Topem Hat

We had a really good time.  The boys were on their good behavior and it went very well.