Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fire Safety

Our local fire department frequently has a weekend open house.  I thought it would be fun this year to attend since Sam is so into anything that is big and has wheels.  Of course we decide to go after Sam's nap and he sleeps though almost the whole thing.  But the event was over at 3 and it was 2:15 we still had time to go. We loaded up the car and hit the road.  I was a little worried about Max and the sirens thing.  He really can't handle loud noises like that but I thought if he freaked out we can just go home.  

We got there and Max got to spray a fire hose.
He loved it!

Then we went into a little fake house and had a lesson on fire safety.  It was really a wonderful idea because fire safety isn't something we have really talked about at home.  They talked about the importance of crawling on all fours through smoke and the importance of finding a safe area out side the home for the family to meet in case of fire.  They encouraged us to practice this at home. 

Meanwhile Sam and Jeremy were having fun of their own.
Sam sat in every single fire truck they had available.  He had a great time.  He got so excited after this one that he ran to the next truck and totally missed that there was a curb..  The good news is there were several paramedics there to help us after he mashed his poor head into the concrete.   

Despite the road rash on Sam's face it was a nice time.  Max did not get to up set about any noises and got to spray water from a real fire hose and Sam got to "drive" a fire truck. 

When we got home I decided what we needed to do was practice what Max and I had learned and do a fire drill.  Jeremy turned the fire alarm on and we all crawled through our bed rooms, down the stairs and out the front door to the mail box, our meeting spot.  Next time we do a drill I think we will try it after dark..


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