Sunday, December 19, 2010

Max's way not mine.

One of the things I have had to learn as Max's mom is that my way isn't necessarily the right way, the only way, or more importantly Max's way.  For example I would not have chosen to put ketchup on my grapes today at dinner, the ketchup was for the tator tots, but Max tried and who am I to tell him its gross and or wrong.  He will either A figure it out or B find the next big taste sensation.  He also likes to eat his toast with a fork sometimes, not wrong really but maybe a little weird. 

I have also noticed his preferences aren't the same as mine either.  When given the choice between Sheriff Woody and Buzz he chooses Buzz while I chose Woody.  Now this is important because I had to learn that I have to let him pick what he wants not what I want.  We were at my Aunt and Uncles Chirstmas party the other night and Max got what I thought was a really scary bionic man toy from Santa and was way above his age group.  I traded an older boy that "scary toy" for a caterpiller webkins stuffed toy.   Twenty minutes later the caterpilliar is on the floor and Max is chasing his cousin around the table with the scary bionic man. 


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