Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blood Everywhere!

On Tuesday I was doing laundry.  The plan was for me to put away laundry, get Sam a nap in and then go to the park.  Sam was in his brothers corvette bed. I had my back turned and I heard a thud.  A forhead on metal thud.  I turned around and scooped up Sam knowing that had to hurt.  Then I looked at his face.  I couldn't tell where all this blood was comming from but their was a LOT OF IT!  I thought at first maybe it was his nose, then I saw his forhead.  It had a 1/2 long cut right in the center.  I ran downstairs to my phone and called my poor husband and said there is blood everywhere come home now!  He arrived to find out I was not exaggerating.  By then Sam and I were covered in blood.  I looked like I had committed a crime.  I knew he needed stitches so I took a 3 min shower and we drove him to Mott's  .  We decided to take Max with us, he looked terrified and I need Jeremy to help me keep Sam's hands of his face in the car.
 One burrito wrapped baby later we had 3 stitches.  I feel like maybe he needed 4 since on side is a little open but he seems no worse for wear. 
My little Frankenstein.  Too bad it isn't Halloween.


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  7. Something feels quite scary! How scary you must have been getting to the amount of that blood, I managed to have some kind of comprehension. It is really amazing that you immediately brought Sam for a medical help that was needed. I am hoping that he is now okay. By the way, one day I was working on my best coursework writers, and I also got hurt and was bleeding.