Friday, July 20, 2012

Don't ask unless you really want to know

So their is this Thai restaurant here in town.  Jeremy and I both really like it.  We have been there so many times we know the people that work there.  They are always very nice when we go in, ask how my kids are and I ask about hers.

Well the other day I decided we should have Thai for dinner since we hadn't been in a while.  I go in and Kim was sitting there with her nephew and she says "wow you look great, whats you secret to lossing the baby weight  are you on a diet or is it stress?"  I stood there for a sec and thought about my answer.  What do I tell her?  Do I lie and say nothing special.  Do I say breastfeeding which is at least partailly true?  Or do I tell the truth and say my son was born with a rare genetic disease that you have never heard of before and every time we can home from a specialist with a new list of what was "wrong" with him I didn't feel like eating for the next day or so. 

Its kind of like when you are late to something and someone says something like "did you get into a car wreck or what"  Well sometimes the answer to that question is yes.  So in the end I told her that I breast feed for a while and that Sam was a little sick as a newborn so some of my weight loss was due to stress but now he is doing better.  She said, "oh so you breastfed", a little uncomfortably, and then changed the subject.

I felt kinda of bad about the conversation.  She wasn't in any way trying to be mean or rude, and I didn't want to lie to her but I did kinda feel like the whole story was way to much information.  I guess the lesson here is don't ask unless you really want to know.


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