Friday, February 24, 2012

Mott's Childrens Hospital?

We live very near Ann Arbor Mi.  As such when we go to the hospital, and we go pretty much every week, we go to Mott's Children's Hospital.  It's a nice place, they have Big Bird in the O.R.waiting room, Magna Doodles and flat screen T.V's with cartoons, fun radiation vests with themes and many other random kid friendly things.

About a month ago, the new Mott's Hospital opened its doors.  This hospital was 10 years in the making and really really expensive.  You can't drive anywhere with out seeing a billboard for the grand opening for this new state of the art hospital.  While the hospital was being built all the clinics had signs up that said "can't wait for you to see our new home."  I started asking some of our nurses if they had seen the new hospital and they said things like, "yeah is cool but you have to walk and walk"  or "it's okay but they didn't take any of our recommendations". 

So I waited with much anticipation for our first visit to the new hospital.  Our first visit it turned out was to our ENT.  When we got to the waiting room the first thing I noticed was that the flat screen T.V. apparently didn't make the trip to the new waiting room.  The next think was where were the coloring books and stuff?  Oh well, Sam's to young for that stuff anyway.  So we go in to one of the exam rooms and I am thinking to my self, the one thing I hope they have is a baby changing area because in and ENT office you get a chair with some fancy stuff attached and a small desk for the doctor's computer but there is no exam table where you could change your baby.  And let me tell you something about babies that are doctor savvy.  They poop when they see a white coat.

No such luck with the changing table sadly.  So we sit and we wait for our doctor and I look around the room.  It's Salmon colored, with a picture of an ocean.  REALLY!!!?  How on earth is this supposed to be calming to a kid who is scared to death some one is going to come in with a huge needle and poke them with it?  I asked the nurse where the coloring stuff and Magna doodles were and she said "oh, we just haven't brought them over from the old hospital yet".  OMG!  Some one actually paid money to build this?


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