Friday, February 24, 2012

Mott's Hospital Continued ...

The next time I had to visit the hospital it was for a trip to see the audiologist.  Now our audiologist is really nice and she mostly gets my sense of humor which is a big plus. 

The first you need to know is that when you are small and get your hearing tested they put you in a sound proof room with 2 speakers and then when you look at a speaker after it makes a sound something cool happens.  At the old hospital Donald Duck wiggled when you looked at it after a sound was played and is was funny and cute.  At our new State Of the Art hospital all you get is a pink princess, and she doesn't even move.  But that's only if you look at the right speaker what about if you look at the left speaker?  Pinocchio.  Really Pinnocchio?  what is this 1975?  That's exactly what I said to the audiologist too when I saw Pinnocchio and she said "Oh Heather don't get me started."

So here I am thinking, man I am so not impressed and I have other mom's who think the inside of the hospital looks like an Apple Store.  It actually gets better.  Sammy was scheduled to have surgery on Feb 20th.  We got to pre op when we were supposed to, got all checked in, had someone taking care of our other son and dog, husband had taken the day off work, Sam had fasted.  In short all our ducks were in order and in a row marching along perfectly.  They took Sam down the hall for surgery, then brought him right back.  Apparently there were no rooms available for Sam to recover in.  Say what?  Our doctor said  he doesn't have to have and ICU bed we can deal with just a monitored bed.  Okay, but there aren't any of those available either.  WHAT!  I thought this was the brand new million dollar with lots of beds hospital.  Don't give me some crap about their being car accidents over the weekend it didn't even snow here.  How on earth can the hospital already be out of beds.  It's only been open for 6 weeks. Seriously?  So we had to take Sam home and reschedule the surgery.  Lame IMHO


  1. Sucks that the hospital is not worth all the hype! And especially sucks you had to reschedule surgery after all the prep work. Poor Sam!

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