Friday, November 9, 2012

Thankful 6-9

Second installment of things I am thankful for but first:

Every one has funny ways of saying things, or little expression they use every day.  We don't even know that we do it until we have kids.  I say  things like, the tv is acting funny, or the computer is acting funny as a way to say it isn't working I guess.  I didn't realize this until Max started saying it, only he says it differently.  He says "My socks are being funny"  I'm thinking so are they telling jokes now or what?  Turns out he just put them on upside down. 

6. I am thankful for Grandpa Bruce my dad.  He was always a good dad but he goes above and beyond for his grandchildren.  He loves them and sees them at least once a week, comes to soccer games, has been very supportive of our special Sammy, and is just a very important part of our lives.

7. I am thankful that even though Obama won the election I can take comfort in the fact the God is the one in control and even though I am honestly fearful of what Obama will do to our country I have to believe that this is God's plan. 

8. Sam's health:  Sam has a rare genetic disease, it kills 20% of the children that have his mutation.  When we learned what Sam had we saw all these very serious complications online that are very common with this, heart defects, stomach not attached to your esophagus, needing a trach to breath to name a few.  Some how by the grace of God Sam missed out on the major scary stuff and for that I am thankful.

9. I am thankful that the cop I blew by today on my way home was looking down when I drove by doing 45 in a 25.