Sunday, November 4, 2012

What is that mother thinking?

I have been having some clothing issues with Max lately.  He wants to wear sandals and its November or he doesn't think pants are necessary.  In his defense it was warm here just recently but its not any more.  Any way Max puts up a huge fight about wearing sandals and I realize this kid has got to learn to trust me when I say its cold out, so I did what any tired parent would do.  Let him wear his sandals to school,lets see how he likes having cold feet.  So we get in the car to drive to preschool and I begin to think, what are his teachers going to think when he shows up with sandals on today?  Probably that his mother is a class A moron for letting her kid go to school with sandals on when we had a frost this morning.  So we pulled into the school parking lot and I happen to have an extra pair of shoes in the car, slip them on his feet and away to school he goes. 

This gets me to thinking though....I had no idea how much random kid stuff I am responsible for.  If its yellow day at school, I am responsible for 1. knowing that its yellow day and 2. finding Max a yellow something to take to school.  Its not his fault, he can't yet read a calender so I can't even blame him for not knowing that it's yellow day.  I'm responsible for knowing how warm/cold its going to be and making sure he has the right jacket/shoes/mittens/hat/winter coat.  Not that its a big deal I just didn't realize all that was involved in having a kid in preschool. 


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