Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Things I am thankful for

Several of my Facebook friends are posting one thing a day that they are thankful for in leui on Thanksgiving.  I think this is cool, kind of a open prayer also.  I also wish to participate but I feel like this is a more appropriate place for me to put the things I am thankful for.  Sometimes I am a bit un comfortable talking about things that are going on in our lives that are good if the same thing is not going well in your life.  My blog to me is somehow more private even though anyone can read it.  It's weird I know but I feel like if you are here than you want to be, with Facebook you read everyone's news feed weather you cared to or not.  So with out further delay in no particular order

1. The Jerf - Jerf gets up with the kids when I can't, loves on the kids, plays with the kids, does stuff around the house goes to work and is generally a good egg.  Yes he will probably read this :)

2. Mr.Max - Our first born son is a very cool little boy who enjoys preschool and driving his brother crazy. 

3.Sir Sam - My second child also very cool, also loves to drive his brother crazy.  I enjoy his goofy little personality and his nibble your ears off cuteness every day.

4.Our House - We have a nice house that fits us all well, in a nice neighborhood, warm in the winter cool in the summer.

5. Jerf's job - My husband has a good job, lets us stay in above mentioned house.

6. The right to vote - Women haven't always had this privilege, we should excersice it on election day!

Traditionally you post one a day but I started late.