Saturday, April 13, 2013


The other day Sam's pre school had a field trip to a local pool so I took both the boys.  While we had a good time I was reminded how upset Max gets if he can't touch the ground in the pool.  When they tell you a panicked person in the water can drowned you they arn't kidding.  Max nearly scales my body in an attempt to sit on my head the second the water gets over waist height.  So I decided we needed some lessons.

So we signed up both boys for swim lessons and they started today.  I was a little concerned by the fact that they started in the deep end since he hates not touching the ground.

Here he is crying in the corner
Thankfully he isn't the only kid terrified.  I thought it was really interesting their were 3 groups of kids.  The confident water lovers, the we don't love this but we will do it group, and the get me out of here group.  He did do the kicking like they wanted but only from the side.
They bribed him back in the water with a pool noodle.
And then their was Sam.  He loved his swim lesson.  He loved every min of it.
They tied a pool noodle to the kids and let them paddle around.