Friday, April 5, 2013


Brace your selves for 2 posts in 2 days.  Can you believe it?

So Mr.Sammy turned 2 years old on the 25th and we had a little party.  During this party he got $30 in cash.  Now I like it when the kids get money for their Birthday because it means we get to go shopping.  Doesn't matter if we are shopping for me or not I like to do it. 

So we decided that today is the day we are going to go to Target and spend Sam's $30.  We get to the toy asile and Max is already asking if he is going to get something too.  I told him maybe something little becuase I feel like getting Sam a nice toy and Max nothing is kinda mean.  So the first thing we see is a Lightning McQueen truck, Mack I think is his name.  He has a little McQueen inside and Mack says like 50 things and the trailer opens up. 

They both want it.  I'm thinking this is so not worth $30 lets keep going.  So we wander around and we see ball bats and balls.  Sam wants a plastic baseball bat and ball, cool.  Max says they have pink, get a pink one.  Now Sam wants a pink bat.  Great, I really wouldn't care except that I HATE the color pink, hate it.  One of the things I was worried about before I had the boys was what I would dress my girl in should I have one cause I mean it ain't gonna be anything pink colored for sure.

So we put a pink bat and balls in the cart.  Then we find some non spill bubble container, looks like a good idea.  Then we find some sand shovels.  So we have about spend his wad when Max mentions the Lightning McQueen truck again.  I had to explain we can't get it all, its either the baseball and bubble stuff or the truck. 

They want the truck.  Fine lets get it and get the heck out of here boys.
Lets hope they play with it for more than 5 mins.


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