Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Sam

We celebrated Sam's Birthday a couple weekends ago.  We had it where Max goes to pre school.  Community Ed had purchased 3 bounce houses and for a fee you can rent them along with the gym for a couple hours. 

We had several people cancel at the last min and I was considering cancelling since we were only going to have 6 kids and 3 bounce houses but then I thought Sam will have fun no matter who comes so lets do it any way.  In the end we all a great time. 

Every party we have has few people but its so much easier to host the small ones.  By the time the kids are 10 we may just do cake at home :)

 Hey this place has Cheetos

 Food Table

 Mom spends too much time on Pintrest

 Notice the Mickey sippy cup?  I wanted the kids to have something to drink so I got juice boxes with out thinking that Mr.Sam can't have them due to his unsafe swallow.  Opps sorry buddy.  He loves his Mickey cup though.
 I chose this picture because think this really shows what stairs look like to Sam.  Especially on the left side of the picture it really does look like a flat surface.
 More Cheetos please
 Grandpa Bruce!
 Sam's friend Briedish.  Sam loves her they hold hands now its cute
 Aunt Rachel helping down the stairs
 Carolyn and Norah, my friend Cathy's kids. 
 Cool baseball air thing
I had this momentary feeling when we first got to the bounce house.  That OMG what was I thinking bringing Sam here, what if he can't enjoy himself and its his party.  His balance is bad, he can't see that well and has low muscle tone.  Then he ran around for 2 hours and had a great time. 
Yes we invited Max too

Alicia came and helped also


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