Saturday, April 6, 2013

Vet a visit

One of my friends from high school reminded me that today was something called vet a visit at MSU.  Basically its and animal oriented free family fun day complete with a teddy bear fix it shop.  I was excited, this sounded like something the kids would enjoy so this morning we were all ready to go. 

Then is started to snow a little bit.  Sam gets super cold super fast and I remembered this being an out door event so I thought Maybe Sam and Jerf should stay home and Max and I could go.  So we hop in the car and drive out to MSU and find that we are so not the only people that are there.  Oh well, we get in line to have Max's Mickey Mouse stitched up.

Then we walked around and Max is getting bored and annoyed with how much waiting in line there is and just kinda wants to split so we walk to the Dairy store and the boy is happy again.  We walk back to the car and I am trying to figure out how to salvage the day.  We drove all the way out here we need to do something more cool that pet a guinea pig. 

I decide Preuss Animal House might be a good idea.  It was.  I got to see some co-workers from many many years ago and they recognized me right away.  Crazy how some people never change.  I had forgotten how cool of a store it was.  It had a stream with fish you could feed right in the store.  Max loved it.

I got home and I was telling Jeremy about our day and I was thinking, this really wasn't like what I remembered from this event.  There were no ducks, or chickens.  The I realized I was thinking it was Small Animals Day, not Vet a Visit.  Silly Heather.  Wonder how many animal events MSU has?  It ain't called cow college for nothing.


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