Thursday, April 4, 2013

Strange adaptations

It has been brought to my attention that I have not posted here since like December.  Sorry bout that, I'll try and do better blah blah blah :)  The truth is I have thought of things to post, I think of posting them on Facebook, then I think they are too long for Facebook and I should post it to my blog.  Then it gets to be bed time and I don't care any more.

One thing I have been thinking about lately is Special needs adaptations we do at home on our own.  Either because of expense, or out of necessity.  So here is my top 5  list of home made special needs things made or done on our own

#5 Using a bungie cord to strap him into his brothers tricycle so he wont fall out because a real adaptive one would be like $1000

#4 Make sure he eats on plates that are a different color than his food is so he can see it better.  Example, corn and mac n cheese on a blue plate.

#3 Yelling step every time Sam gets anywhere near a curb  or stair or really anything he can fall down or trip over.  He has no depth perception at all and is fear less, its a tough combo.

#2 Taping socks to the sharp points of anything that has a sharp corner for him to fall on.  We don't want stitches again buddy.

#1 Making our own Xanthum gum.  When we found out he has an unsafe swallow we bought pre mixed xanthum gum from the store at $34 a container.  We went through it in a week.  We researched on line and found we could buy the powder on line and mix it our selves at home for $12 ever couple months.


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