Monday, April 15, 2013


Isn't this just the cutest picture of my little boy before we go skiing?
And doesn't Sam look cute too?

It turns out not so much. 

Let me start at the beginning.  Their is a group in Mt Pleasant Mi called the Deaf Blind society.  Since Sam is legally Deaf Blind, although not really deaf or blind just duel sensory loss, he qualifies for services.  So every year they have a free ski weekend at Challenge mountain which is an adaptive ski resort.  I was so looking forward to this since I had never been skiing before.

So we loaded up the mini van and headed north.  It was a four hour trip for us and the kids were pretty good but ready to get out of the car for sure.  Once we got there we were supposed to have a welcome buffet.  Well the kids were so done sitting still they ran around the tables like little wild monkeys. 

We took them up to our hotel room and got ready to go swimming.  That part went okay but the water was cold so we didn't stay too long.

 The next day we were all ready to go the second the ski resort opened.  Max and I got our skis and thats when it started to hit the fan.  You see in order to ski you have to wear a helmet.  Sam didn't want to.  Also you have to wear goggles.  Sam really didn't want to do that. 
So Sam is super pissed off from the get go and they put him in this seat that is behind a snowmobile and they take him up the hill and then a guy skis behind him on the way down.  It looked cool and fun, Sam hated it.

Now while all of that was going on Max and I were trying to ski down the bunny hill.  I got to go down twice and it was fun and I like it.  Max however didn't understand/didn't want to follow direction such as what to do with your feet so he had two volunteers help him down the bunny hill and then he was done.  Bummer

So we went to find Jeremy and Sam and they were sitting inside and I start telling Jeremy about skiing and didn't realize that Sam was asleep I woke him up he was crying it was a mess. 
So its like 10:30am now, and the kids are done with what we had driven 4 hours and stayed in a hotel for.  So we load up the kids, grab some Wendy's and head back to the hotel.  Sam takes a nap after lunch and Max and I go back to the pool again. 

We decided that 1. the kids were to young for this and 2. While it was a bad trip it was not in fact grounds for divorce.
I almost forgot, Sam pushed the emergency help button on the elevator.  Also exciting.


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